Akaushi Beef Prime Rib Roast
Akaushi Beef Ribeye Steak Boneless

Akaushi Beef Prime Rib Roast

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Prime Rib Roast: One of our family favorites! Our Prime Rib Roasts has been skillfully dry-aged for optimal tenderness and flavor.  Our Akaushi Prime Rib Roasts are exquisitely marbled which provides a rich, full-flavored, delicious dinning experience!

  • Dry Aged Approx. (21 days)
  • Premium Quality Akaushi Beef
  • Source Verified By DNA Testing
**Our Prime Rib Roasts are only seasonal, supplies are limited.**

Notes: Small Prime Rib Roast has a 3 lb, 4 lb and 5 lb, and 6 lb option, 1 Boneless Roast Per Package.

Whole Prime Rib Roast Bone-In, 1 Whole Bone-in Roast Per Package. Approx. 15 lb 

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