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What is Akaushi?

Akaushi means ‘red cow’ in Japanese and is one of the four breeds of wagyu in Japan used for beef production. Akaushi are characterized as a horned breed that are light brown in color and have a mild temperament. Akaushi are predominantly raised in the southern Japan and are less common than the Kuroge Washu or ‘black cow’.

Where does your Akaushi beef come from? Is it imported?

Our bulls are purebred Akaushi and are descended from a herd of Akaushi cattle that were imported from Japan to the United States a few decades ago. The meat we sell comes from our herd of Akaushi cattle which we own and care for on our ranch in Northern California.

Do you use growth hormones on your animals?

We do not use growth hormones on our animals. Our family is opposed to the use of hormones on animals. Our family eats the same beef that we sell to our customers, so we take the safety and health of our herd very seriously!

Do you use antibiotics on your animals?

When it is necessary. The health and well being of our animals are of upmost importance to us and we feel a moral obligation give our animals the best care possible. We consider it animal cruelty to not give proper medical attention to sick or injured animals.  We only administer antibiotics to cattle that are sick, we do not us antibiotics as a preventive measure. We follow the Beef Quality Assurance procedures to insure safe standards and practices.

Are your cattle grass fed?

Our herd is pasture raised. On our ranch we use pasture rotation to feed our cattle throughout the year. Our cattle get lots of grass and sunshine which makes happy cows and better beef! During the winter months, typically November thru March we supplement our herd’s feed with hay due to the weather being too cold for grass to grow. Our steers are finished on a mixture of grain and hay. We find this feeding regiment produces the best tasting beef.

Your product description says “Source Verified by DNA Testing” what does that mean exactly?

All our Akaushi cattle are registered with the American Akaushi Association. The registration process requires DNA verification of all calves born every year.