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Wagyu Cattle | Kobe Beef


Akaushi (Japanese red) cattle are one of the four breeds of Wagyu cattle in Japan. The others being; Kuroushi (Japanese Black), Japanese Polled, and the Japanese Shorthorn. Originally beef from any of the four breeds was able to be labeled as Kobe beef, as long, of course, they were raised in the Hyōgo Prefecture whose capital is Kobe.





Today, however, to have the title of Kobe beef there are a few more requirements that need to be met :

  1. They have to be Tajima cattle a strain of Japanese black cattle (steers/ castrated bulls only)
  2. They have to be raised and slaughtered in Hyōgo Prefecture
  3. They must have a marbling ratio of at least 6+ and a meat quality score of 4 or 5
  4. And they have to be fed grain





Akaushi is one of the best breeds of cattle for eating, it’s really expensive and melts in your mouth delicious. However, Kobe is more or less a brand of beef coming from the Hyōgo/Kobe area.