Akaushi Beef Short Ribs
Akaushi Beef Short Ribs
Akaushi Beef Plate Ribs

Akaushi Beef Short Ribs

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Short Ribs: These wagyu short ribs are well marbled, tender and meaty.  Whether oven roasted or cooked in a crock-pot these short ribs will make for a juicy off-the-bone meal.

*New* We now offer 4 bone Akaushi Beef Plate Short Ribs.

  • Dry Aged Approx. (21 days) 
  • Premium Quality Akaushi Beef
  • Source Verified By DNA Testing
Note: Short Ribs - 2 Strips Per Package

Whole Plate Short Ribs, 1 per package, 2 to 3 lb.